Group 344

Our COVID-19 Surveillance, Prevention and Control Plan for all our personnel.

We control the entry of our personnel

To rule out Covid-19, we perform 4 diagnostic tests 10 days before the isolation of our personnel (quarantine) in our allied hotels; this lasts 7 days. Once our employees have tested negative, they undergo diagnostic tests 7, 4 and 1 day before entering our operations. Every three days, once inside the camp, all our personnel undergo diagnostic tests.

We monitor the health of our personnel

From entry to departure from our facilities. We also take temperature and CO2 saturation readings during and at the end of our employees’ stay at Bretaña Base Camp.

Basic rules of collective application

We train our personnel to take all preventive measures to eradicate COVID-19.

Disinfection as an ally
We frequently disinfect our work areas.