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Block 107 is located within the provinces of Puerto Inca, the Huanuco region, and Oxapampa, the Pasco region. It is currently in the Exploration Phase, under a concession contract by Petrolífera Petroleum del Perú S.R.L., affiliated with Corporación PetroTal.

We are currently working on the Modification of Environmental Impact Studies for the “Constitución Sur” and “Osheki and Kametza” projects, for which we are developing mechanisms for citizen participation in the areas of influence of each project.

What does it mean that we are in the “Exploration Stage”?

The hydrocarbon extraction process is done in stages, and in the case of Block 107, the areas with a probability of finding hydrocarbons have been located. The next step is to drill the subsoil to confirm the existence of hydrocarbons, and if so, to confirm their quality and quantity for potential commercialization in the Exploitation Stage.