We protect water and resource quality through management programs

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Our management is based on efficient water use through the conservation of the aquatic environment, for which we work under strict environmental quality guidelines. The water used in the project is extracted from the Puinahua canal by means of a water pump and is used both for the camp’s domestic use and for production activities (operation, drilling, and construction). Domestic and industrial discharges, after treatment and compliance with water quality standards, are discharged into the Puinahua canal. To ensure adequate water management, we carry out the following activities:

  • Environmental Quality Management and Monitoring Program
  • Water Resource Management Program
    • Effluent management for proper management of domestic and industrial wastewater ​
    • Monitoring of surface water quality, sediments, groundwater, effluents, and drinking water quality
    • Authorized discharge points and a work plan to achieve zero discharge
  • Air Resource Management Program​
  • Soil Resource Management Program​
  • Monitoring Program: Gas emissions, noise quality, soil quality, non-ionizing radiation



of spills within parameters

Zero alterations to surface and groundwater parameters related to our activities


of water bodies of the Water Resources Management Program are monitored

Zero unauthorized discharges

Future challenge:

  • Operational – Zero Dumping Plan
  • Environment: Sustainable management and control program for water bodies