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At PetroTal we are concerned about the Puinahua canal, which is an arm of the Ucayali River on whose banks different populations and communities are settled, so we aim to prevent oil leaks or spills. We work under a series of strict protocols, managing effective spill prevention, action and control plans that minimize the probability of occurrence and impact. Should a spill eventually occur, we are prepared to minimize its consequences, as we have reached agreements with suppliers in this type of services that guarantee expert assistance and the use of the best means and equipment to provide us with a quick and effective solution.

We know that the most efficient actions to prevent spills are based on prevention, preparation and response capacity, therefore, in addition to preventive actions, we focus on training and education of our employees in prevention, preparation, response and recovery of the impact of any environmental incident that may occur. In addition, we conduct rapid spill containment drills in the river and we also work to ensure the participation of the neighboring population through training for local monitors.



Spill Contamination


Spill drills carried out with strategic allies


Training in spill response to PROMOSAC