We optimize resources and processes in waste management

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We conduct the waste management based on compliance with the Integrated Solid Waste Management Law and in turn, aligned with our Safety, Health, Environment and Social Responsibility Policy. Our Solid Waste Management Program establishes the general guidelines for managing solid waste from its generation, collection, classification, central storage, transportation and final disposal. We comply with IFC standards for waste management and reduce waste generation through innovative strategies.

We are working on the design of programs that promote the circular economy, with local participation to ensure that recyclable waste from the community can be used and generate value.

The proper management of waste generated in the operations environment through its different stages (construction, production, abandonment) is an environmental practice that we carry out, so our Management Program considers the following aspects:

  • Minimization at the source
  • Segregation and recycling
  • Temporary storage and selection of those that can be treated on site ​
  • Transportation and final disposal

Also we have implemented a Management Program for Hazardous Wastes and Substances that require a different treatment for their handling, use, storage, transportation and final disposal. The final disposal of those wastes that cannot be treated and disposed of on site is done only in places authorized by the Ministry of Health.

Non-Hazardous Inorganic Waste:


Transfer to central storage at Base Camp Bretaña (BB)​

Final disposal through an Authorized Solid Waste Operator (EO-RS)

Non-Hazardous Organic Waste:

Incinerated at the CBB

Final Disposal through Authorized EO-RS

Hazardous Waste and Substances:

Material Safety Data Sheets

Handling and Transportation


Labeling and Marking ​

Order and Cleanliness

Chemical Supplies and Controlled Goods​

Hydrocarbon Handling

Handling of Chemical Products

Final disposal through a company authorized by DIGESA



Tidiness and cleanliness or poor waste storage.


Plan for reduction with local value

Production of eco-blocks with waste generated in local communities

Future challenge:

Plan for the reduction of Domestic – Organic Waste

  • Reduce the use of paper by 50%
  • Treatment of 30% of organic household waste in composting