We help to protect Biodiversity with environmental monitoring and offsetting actions

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Biodiversity conservation is key to the management of our projects, that is why we have set ourselves the goal of obtaining a positive net balance through zero net loss. The correct identification and evaluation of the impacts on biodiversity and the functionality of ecosystems have allowed us to agree with the State on offsetting plans with conservation and restoration measures that are integrated into our biodiversity monitoring programs in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, and flora and fauna protection and rescue programs.



compliance with environmental monitoring and baseline


24 years

Signing of agreement with SERNANP


23 years

Establishment of a nursery for the production of forest seedlings

During the deforestation process, 100% of the flora and fauna rescue program was carried out:

  • 208 reptiles relocated
  • 200 rodents relocated
  • 11 species of orchids relocated