Actions to combat climate change

Emissions reduction plan

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We are aware of the impact generated by our operations, so we have implemented offsetting strategies to mitigate climate change. We have calculated the carbon footprint of our operations and based on this we have created programs to reduce greenhouse gases and energy associated with the company’s operations.

Climate Change Policy

We know that climate change is an issue that requires rapid and effective management. Therefore, at PetroTal we are working on a short, medium and long term plan that will allow us to gradually reduce GHG emissions in our operations.​

Carbon footprint

A study has been carried out to determine the carbon footprint of our operations, following the ISO 14064 methodology. This calculation must be updated every year.​

Carbon capture​

We are working on a project in our neighboring village of “7 de Junio”, located in the Puinahua district, to reforest 7.45 hectares of forest and forest ecosystem. For this purpose, a nursery will be set up in which more than 8,000 forest plants will be planted. This project will last for more than 20 years and will carry out a larger reforestation than required by law.

Equipment efficiency

We ensure that our work equipment is new and efficient, relies on the best technology, and is regularly serviced on time, which allows us to avoid higher CO2 emissions.​



Fixed equipment fuel consumption


Gas burned