Group 405

We protect the biodiversity of the area, respect water resources and environmental quality

We have all the necessary plans and controls for efficient project management. All our activities have the required environmental studies, special permits and authorizations to operate.

At PetroTal we are committed to applying national regulations and the best international industry standards to perform our activities in a safe manner, taking care of the environment and respecting the populations influenced by our operation.

We promote a culture of respect for the environment and protection of biodiversity, protecting people and complying with the environmental obligations and standards to which we are committed.

We have the Carbon Footprint quality certification, granted by A2G Sustainability and Climate Change, whose calculation has been performed under the standards of the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064.


We promote a culture of respect for the environment by complying with the highest environmental standards.

We generate continuous improvement in our activities based on risk assessment.

We create and update our mechanisms for prevention and control of environmental incidents through training, strategic alliances and technology.

We manage biodiversity to achieve zero net loss.

We are focused on reducing the carbon footprint of our operations.


We rely on specific plans and programs for efficient management during the execution of all our projects, which contain the necessary control measures to manage the possible environmental impacts generated by the activities associated with our projects in their different stages, taking into account their scope and components, as well as the environmental factors and components that could be affected.

We have the Environmental Studies, permits and specific licenses necessary for the development of our activities and we are constantly supervised by the competent authorities and local monitoring groups.

The Pacaya Samiria National Reserve is the second largest natural protected area in Peru

It is the largest flooded forest in South America and one of the most important refuges of life in our Amazon. It has been recognized as a management model for guaranteeing the sustainable use of its resources. Its name comes from the Pacaya and Samiria rivers, and it is located in Loreto. It is made up of the provinces of Requena, Alto Amazonas and Ucayali. To the north it borders the Marañón River, to the south the Ucayali River and to the east the Huallaga River.

This humid, tropical, floodable forest is an autonomous ecosystem that is a refuge for important wildlife, that is why PetroTal – as good neighbors – is very concerned about working for its conservation, care and protection.


We are committed to implementing an ambitious Environmental Offsetting Plan for Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Therefore, together with the SERNANP ( Servicio Nacional de Áreas Naturales Protegidas por el Estado or the National Service of Natural Areas Protected by the State), we have signed an inter-institutional cooperation agreement in order to strengthen the effective management of the Reserve and promote sustainable activities for the benefit of the localities of the region, prioritizing the strengthening of strategies and actions for the conservation of this natural protected area.

We have entered into an inter-institutional cooperation agreement with SERNANP and are committed to the generation of value and responsible development of the Bretaña project.

This agreement includes offsetting activities such as:

  • Implementation of a monitoring and control plan.
  • Promotion of participatory management to strengthen the activities of basin leaders in the management of the area’s resources.
  • Promotion of sustainable economic activities in favor of the localities in the area.